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Clea Gaultier

French temptress Clea Gaultier latest scenes

Landing Strip

[P.O.V. video] — Falling to her side with Gaultier spooned behind her, Clea lifts a leg high into the air so that her boyfriend has universal access to her juicy landing skin twat. She gets her pussy licked passionately. That's not enough for this hot number, though. Holding her leg in rank as Gaultier strokes her harsh enough to make her breasts jiggle is no small act. Their kisses soon turn to more as Gaultier pulls Clea's shirt down to quaff her nipples into hardness and then lets his stunning lover do what she will with his body. He lets her show him what she wants, and then pushes astute into her firm twat as her stroke downflow away. Urging Gaultier onto his back, Clea climbs on top of him and positions him to piston shrewd into her dripping nadir. As her pleasure shoots through her, Clea climbs off of Gaultier and knees beside him. Licking stage transitions to stroking and sucking as she gauges Gaultier's reaction every step of the way with smoky eye contact. Long, sure strokes combined with a bit of luscious hair pulling are a deeply satisfying combination for Clea, who lets her favorer know with tawdry moans. Her hips move in fluid strokes as she rides her personal jog, enjoying every inch of his cock shrouded deep inside as she works her way towards the heaven she has craved from the rise. Climbing to her command and knees, Clea takes Gaultier's hardon and guides it just to the agape of her where she wants him the most. As afterwards as Clea has sprung Gaultier free of his briefs, she dips her division to run her tongue over the length of his stiffie. Her need for a good climax is palpable when Gaultier move the tables on her and lays her on the bed so that he can pull her underwear aside. A beggarly taste of her juices is never enough, so he slips her panties off and dives in for a landing deprive pussy feast and fingering. She keeps it up, stopping when Gaultier fills her bayou with a wet of cum that is hot, sticky, and oh so delicious. Gradually she lets her leg drop so that his fit is tighter and that much more minute. Gaultier Anthony can't take his eyes off his bright girlfriend, and when she beckons him stoppage he comes instanter. She resumes the blowjob that she had been so enjoying previously, slurping and sucking as she works him to the brink. Clea Gaultier is in full-on seduction mode as she shits her jurisdiction all over her body from her watered boobs to her panty-shrouded pussy. They conclude by a fantastic cumshot right on the face.

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